Information Management

Reimagine the way you record, manage and react to information.

RailSmart contains a suite of information management applications for the distribution, acknowledgement and engagement tracking of important documents such as safety briefs, rosters, and diagrams. Push alerts, notices and other time sensitive information through the hub. Capture critical field based information with the RailSmart Forms application.
RailSmart - Information Management
HUB - Overview


Your notice board for the 21st Century, bringing together alerts and updates from all the RailSmart installed applications. Enables your employees to quickly respond to urgent notices, book on/off shifts and view roster details.

Why RailSmart HUB

  • Helps you proactively manage business risk and incidents
  • Highlights employee skills and competencies
  • Reduces the cost of compliance
  • Improves staff retention
  • Enables you to efficiently manage resources
RailSmart - HUB
HUB - Product Features

Product Features

What’s new

HUB provides details for alerts that require attention, as well as new/updated documents and forms.

Book On or Off Shifts

Book on or off shifts directly from the app.

Diagram & Roster

Quick access to working diagrams and roster information.

Distribution Groups

Enables employees to receive documents and forms with restricted access.

DOCS - Overview


Standardise your enterprise communications with RailSmart DOCS. Broadcast messages in seconds to depots, groups and individuals. Create distribution lists with restricted access levels. Integrates seamlessly with other RailSmart apps to deliver alerts, notices, documents and updates.

Why RailSmart DOCS

  • Standardises the distribution of documents, alerts and communications
  • Includes workflows for read receipts and document acknowledgement
  • Reduces manual processes, paper and costs
  • Ensures important information is shared, received and reviewed quickly and effectively
RailSmart - DOCS
DOCS - Product Features

Product Features

My Tasks

Quickly view documents which require your attention.


Access your most important documents with a single tap.

Flexible Formats

Supports multiple document formats including Word, PDF and Excel.

Read Receipts

Confirm your documents are opened.


Confirm your documents have been read.

Version Control

Easily manage multiple versions of a single document.

Keyword Search

Quickly find documents with our powerful search tool.

Share and Print

Easily AirPrint or email documents.

FORMS - Overview


RailSmart FORMS allows you to create, share and complete digital forms. Integrates seamlessly with other RailSmart apps to capture critical business data. Create distribution lists with restricted access levels. Ideal for drivers, train crews, maintenance teams or any other profession where standardised, on-location data capture is required.

Why RailSmart FORMS

  • Standardises form distribution and data capture
  • Ensures important information is captured quickly and effectively
  • Reduces manual processes, paper and the cost of compliance
  • Includes comprehensive reporting and tracking
RailSmart - FORMS
FORMS - Product Features

Product Features

Form Builder

Create custom forms quickly and easily - no coding experience needed!

Intuitive Data Inputs

Uses standard form elements including text boxes, date pickers, drop-down menus and more.


Attach photos, videos and audio files to forms.

My Tasks

Quickly view forms which require your attention.


Confirm your forms have been viewed.

Version Control

Easily manage multiple versions of a single form.

Location Aware

Associate GPS co-ordinates to forms.

Optional Workflows

Unique workflows can be triggered by form responses.



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