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RailSmart - Operations
Smart software enabling Train Operating Companies to deliver targeted training and support, helping lower business risk and reduce incident rates.
RailSmart - Operations Devices Overview
CL - Overview


RailSmart CL streamlines incident management by providing the right information to the right people, helping the decision-making process.

Designed to be collaborative from the outset. RailSmart Control Log enables control room operatives, drivers, ground staff and suppliers to contribute to incidents enabling a 360 degree view.

Powerful workflows linked to custom incident types provide a means to track, manage and close actions or further steps associated to incidents.

Why RailSmart CL

  • Capture incidents in a consistent and structured format.
  • 360 degree view of incidents through collaboration.
  • Smart action life cycle management reduces response times.
  • Automation of common tasks such as service delivery updates, control log and other information.
  • Make more informed decisions based on accurate information.
Control Log - Devices
CL - Product Features

Product Features

Incident Capture

Capture an array of configurable incident information from driver sickness through to vehicle defects and more.

Smart Tags

Incident log automatically pulls in activated headcodes, locomotives and wagon numbers.


Define workflows, email triggers and escalation points for different types of incidents.


Automate common reports such as control log, service delivery updates. Analyse and trend captured incident information.

360 Degree View

Using the incident mobile app multiple stakeholders can provide supplementary information including text and pictures.

Action Management

Powerful life-cycle management for creating, assigning and managing actions as an output from captured incidents.

DB - Overview


Perfect for large format displays and tablet devices the RailSmart Departure Board provides a rich view of current traffic with dynamic updates.

RailSmart DB displays current train performance, including detailed delay information and forecasted arrival times for each destination.

Drill down into the details to view the train schedule, consisted formation, rostered driver and its current performance information.

Why RailSmart DB

  • Live time view of the current traffic and windowed departures.
  • Enables the control room to proactively respond to potential issues.
  • Improves situational awareness.
  • Make more informed decisions based on accurate information.
Departure Board - Large Screen Size
DB - Product Features

Product Features

Live View

Suitable for large format displays or tablet devices get a real-time position of all current traffic and scheduled traffic within a windowed period.

Dynamic Updates

The Departure Board dynamically updates and highlights information such as delays, cancellations or late departures.

Drill Down

Drill down to reveal a train's schedule, consisted formation and rostered crew.

FD - Overview


RailSmart FD helps you proactively manage fleet defects and reduce business risk by providing visibility on asset utilisation and mean time between failures (MTB).

Why RailSmart FD

  • Encourages proactive fleet maintenance
  • Improved view of fleet utilisation
  • Helps minimise asset downtime
  • Increases asset cost effectiveness
Fleet Defects - Devices
FD - Product Features

Product Features

Defect Life Cycle Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of defects from the point of capture to close out.

Asset Viewer

The Fleet Defect Maintenance tool provides a single asset view, including: defect history, exams, utilisation and mean time between failure (MTB).


Trend commonly occurring fleet faults, wheel set maintenance predictions, exam dates and overall asset utilisation.


Integration with the Incident Log reduces the administration burden of information capture.

Action Management

Create, assign and manage actions as an output from captured defects.


Provide ground staff, suppliers and the wider stakeholders with asset information whilst in the field with the mobile app.

MCA - Overview


RailSmart MCA allows freight operators to optimise efficiency, make better management decisions and improve service to their customers.

Why RailSmart MCA

  • Reduces the time to consist a freight train from 60 minutes down to 10 minutes.
  • Directly integrates with TOPS
  • Improved data capture accuracy
  • Better visibility of the consisting process
Mobile Consisting Application - Devices
MCA - Product Features

Product Features

Digital Consisting

Workflow based data capture approach for the consisting of container and aggregate freight trains.

TOPS Integration

The mobile application directly interfaces with TOPS for the validation of consists.


Capability to depart and arrive a train directly on the tablet device.

360 Degree View

Provides all stakeholders with a complete picture of the consist in process.


Analyse and spot trends for consist locations and consist types across a time series.


Integrates with other RailSmart solutions sharing train characteristics and consist information.


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